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About Live Steam Australia

I wanted a big locomotive and 7.25 gauge was for me. So what is hard about that?

I believe the the available castings were not readily available in Australia, and the locomotive design was not available either so if I wanted one of these locomotives I really had to dig deep. I found a supplier in the US that has all the knowledge, the best castings you could even think about, and together we set about developing a locomotive based on the Pacific 4-6-2 and the Atlantic 4-4-2. These locomotives reek nostalgia! There are Australian examples that can be modelled off, but I dont see that as the greatest potential because TIME is our limitation. If you are thinking about a scale version there is a good chance you will croak it before you finish a project like that. At least talk to me first because you could enjoy Live Steam but at at a fraction of the time, sure it will cost more money but you will have time to enjoy it and leave a substantial asset to the kids. These engines are, if well built, worth a lot of money.

This is the highest level of live steam in australia.

I have no doubt that there are so many more that could enjoy Live Steam at the high level of 7.25 gauge but wouldnt have a clue on how to start, let alone find ongoing support.

I have all the plans, castings, boilers, tender, steam fittings, and machined optioned parts so that the enthusiast can concentrate on the finishing aspect of the locomotive and tender.

The Pacific has great modelling characteristics because of the generous fire grate area, and wide frame between the trailing truck.

If you want to own one of these magnificent locomotives, talk to me and let me help you make it happen!

Ron Slender.

Ron Slender


Thanks for machining those castings, Ron. Saved me heaps of frustration and effort!

Geoff B
Jul 29, 2015