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The 7 1/4 gauge is undoubtedly the largest practical scale to build a live steam locomotive. The sheer sizes of the locomotives are really impressive. This scale would have to be the ultimate live steamers dream to build and operate a locomotive but I found that information was restricted castings difficult to obtain in any quality. The sad reality is that we are losing highly skilled engineers and enthusiasts to age. They are not being replaced because the new generation of business is not training them to be multi skilled.

The trend is now toward a higher degree of component fabrication and to the more extent completed Loco`s. I simply love the Atlantics and Pacific type locomotives. There is a lot of detail in these locomotives they ooze nostalgia and USA rail-road history however, the English and Australian type 4-6-2 were a lot simpler in appearance and could use the Baldwin type piston valve cylinders I offer with the Baker motion castings.

If you were really ambitious you could build a Challenger from the castings I can offer and assisted with a lot of information that would provide valuable information toward creating this magnificent locomotive.

The initial intention is to supply 8 and 10 inch steel boilers built to code with copper tubes for both Atlantic and Pacific type wetback together with the castings. Progressively there will be machining options available with the ultimate aim to provide a lot more fully machined components to enable more enthusiasts to participate in this wonderful interest.

True scale is engineering art and not everyone can do that. Stand-off scale or a freelance can also offer tremendous rewards on personal achievement and have an engine that can be enjoyed in a matter of months rather than years.

OK, all you need to do now is buy the parts and start building a 7 1/4 Live Steam Locomotive, and if you need machining done, I can help you, or obtain machined components already in stock.

Ron Slender

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