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The Atlantic Locomotive

Atlantic freelance. Same configuration as a Pacific 4-6-2, less one pair of drivers.

A bit of history

A 4-4-2 Locomotive refers to the classification of locomotives under the Whyte notation for the classification of steam locomotives by wheel arrangement, where 4-4-2 represents a configuration of four leading wheels on two axles, usually in a leading bogie with a single pivot point, four powered and coupled driving wheels on two axles giving tractive effort, and two trailing wheels on one axle, usually in a trailing truck which supports part of the weight of the boiler and firebox and gives the class its main improvement over the 4-4-0 configuration.

This wheel arrangement is commonly known as the Atlantic type, although it is also sometimes called a Milwaukee or 4-4-2 Milwaukee, after the Milwaukee Road which employed them in high speed passenger railroad uses.

Specifications of the Atlantic locomotive

  • Drivers: 17 Spoke x 10" Diameter
  • Cylinder Bore: 2.750" Diameter
  • Cylinder Stroke: 3.500"
  • Piston Valves: 1.500" Diameter
  • Overall Length of Frame & Pilot Beam: 71" Approx
  • Tender is 5 ft long
  • Atlantic locomotives are 10.5 inches shorter
  • Castings: Top Quality Castings from Top Quality Commercial Foundries
  • Accuracy: Precision CNC Machine Work
  • Axles: Hardened and Ground
  • Axle Bearings: Needle Roller Bearings
  • Crank Pins: Hardened and Ground
  • Side Rod Bearings: Needle Roller Bearings
  • Main Rod Bearings: Needle Roller Bearings
  • Cylinder Block: One Piece Casting, Fully Cored Including All Intake & Exhaust Passages, Very Free Breathing
  • Baker Valve Gear Frame: Silicon Bronze Casting
  • Baker Valve Gear Internals: Stainless Steel Lost Wax Investment Castings